Bulherbs Ltd has been producing essential oils since 1995. Each year we plant few million seedlings in our nurseries in the village of Lozenetz, which make their way to many locations and fields throughout Bulgaria ones they reach their strength. At their new homes, with much love and care, the fragile seedlings grow into strong raw material used widely in different industries, like the pharmacology, cosmetics, flavouring and food industries. As well as many more. Bulgarian grown herbs are an example of quality all over the World due to our traditions of the production process and of course, the good weather conditions.

Bulherbs Ltd is a small family run business where a second generation works hard in keeping the highest standards in the productions and cultivating of medical plants. We believe that cultivation is not only economically sound method of growing the plants but also an ecological one. With a regulated production of some rare and endangered plants, we help the preservation of the species in nature. We are keen on sharing our experience and knowledge and work closely with many non profitable organisations, schools, universities and scientist.