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We study and adapt many species of medicinal plants and cultivate them in our growing nursery. We produce many kinds of herb and medicinal plants ( essential oil baring plants) seedlings, including some rare or endangered types which have been protected and banned from collection from the wild. Due to the nature of our production, as well as the botanical properties of our plants, we work only with a prior agreed orders and there is a minimum seedlings order requirement for some of our species. 

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The cultivation of medical plants is a very economically sound alternative for the owners of land with poor soils or the ones on hills or mountains. It is well known that herbs are hardy and not fussy and successfully grow on any soils. Their huge variety also means that some can be grown in driest regions and some love the boggiest. At our company we are trying to introduce cultivation as a new practice in the herb growing and are happy to succeed in finding more and more partners and co- thinkers each year. 

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Булхербс ЕООД е малка семейна фирма, в която вече второ поколение работи усилено в посока култивираното отглеждане на лечебни растения, като алтернатива на събирането на диворастящи билки, не само заради предимствата, което носи собственото производство, но заради пълната убеденост, че по този начин помагаме за опазването на природата. В листата ни са включени редки, застрашени от изчезване или забранени за събиране билки, които ние успешно култивираме. С огромно желание споделяме своя практически опит и работим в партньорство с много неправителствени организации, училища, университети и учени, занимаващи се с изучаването на лечебните растения.